Rachel Kelly
Designer + Lettering Artist




Rachel is a Designer, Letterer, Coffee-Addict & (most importantly) Ardent Fan of hit 2005 television series "The Office". 

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       My love for design sprang from my desire to constantly be creating things as a child. Whether it was drawing, painting, baking or building cardboard villages out of jello-boxes (yes - I actually did that), I was always busy creating something new. When I reached high school and took on my first customer service job, I realized I also loved to serve others & help find solutions to their problems. That's where design came in for me. It brought together two things that I dearly loved - creating eye-catching designs & serving people by helping them find solutions to problems. I followed that passion to the College of Design at the University of Minnesota, where I graduated with my BFA degree in Graphic Design.

         Today, I am a Minneapolis-based designer & lettering artist. I am currently working as a Designer for General Mills, where I create content for brands like Nature Valley, LÄRABAR and Fiber One. In my free time, I love to laugh, draw, spend time outside, drink coffee, read Jane Austen & of course, watch The Office. Thanks for stopping by!


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