Rachel Kelly
Designer + Lettering Artist

Copy of Lärabar Nut & Seed


LÄRABAR Nut & Seed

Strategy + Design, Photography, Food Lettering

LÄRABAR Nut & Seed™ is the first LÄRABAR product to introduce an entirely new texture to the portfolio of real food snacks. My goal with the launch of this item was to highlight the unique crunchy texture of the bar, while emphasizing the real, simple ingredients that the bar was made of. My task was to create engaging content for the LÄRABAR e-commerce and social channels. 


Building Out an E-Commerce Presence


I sought to create a more tangible shopping experience by heavily emphasizing the texture of flavors of the bar.

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Creating Engaging Social Content


With the LÄRABAR fan in mind, I created imagery that was colorful & appetizing, while still keeping a natural look that was in-line with the brand.


Concept Sketches